Iranian financial engineering Association

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Scientific, Engineering & Financial Association Articles of Association


Iranian financial engineering Association

--The Financial Engineering Association, which shall be named the society in this Articles of Association, is established for the purpose of scientific development, leading and promotion, financial science development, qualitative development of specialist forces and improving educational research affairs in the field of financial engineering.

--The association is a non-profit institute and acts in scientific, research and technical fields and is considered as a legal entity since registration date and the president of the board of directors is its legal representative.   

--The association’s center is located in Tehran and its branches can be established in any region of the country after agreement of Scientific Associations Commission.

--In case of requirement, the board of directors can relocate the main place, provided that the subject is notified in widely circulated official journal and notified to Scientific Associations Commission ofMinistry of Science, Research & Technology in written form

--The association is established for an unlimited period from date of approving this Articles of Association and is required to observe Islamic Republic of Iran’s rules.   

--In order to achieve the mentioned goals (Art.1) the association will act as follows:

--Performing national and international scientific and cultural researches with those researches and experts who deal with financial engineering science

--Cooperating with executive, scientific and research foundations in the field of assessing, reviewing and executing plans and programs related to educational and research affairs and scientific field of the activity

--Holding regional, national and international scientific meetings

--Offering educational, research and technical services

--Publicizing books and scientific journals

--Encouraging and motivating researchers and praising distinguished researchers and professors



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